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B-Side photos: Los Cabos

Instagram is a little dumb. You can really only post once a day, and a couple pictures max. So many photos get lost in the shuffle and the entire story is lost, in lieu of the picture that best sums up the moment (if you had to pick just one). Paula and I want to start a series of albums that celebrate the places we go, by sharing the pictures that instagram just can't handle. (Be on the lookout for a #KelownaKamp Version and a Road trip version later this week)

From Urban Dictionary:

" A b-side was originally known as the song on the flipside of a 12" or 7" vinyl single that backed the A-side, but wasn't the song promoted or received the radio play.

B-sides are usually songs that do not appear on the actually album that the A-side appears on, ocassionally it does. The b-side song was usually determined not to fit in with the overall sound of the album or it was considered not good enough to be on the album or just plain leftover tracks, so hence it's usage as a b-side. B-sides have often gotten a reputation of being filler and sub-par, even though a good majority of the time b-sides are better than a lot of the album tracks, and in some cases, better than the A-side."

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