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Running On The Moon: AlterG Treadmill Rehab

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Here's a quick, pretty raw look at how I've been using the the AlterG treadmill to work back into running since breaking my foot 8 weeks ago.

Filming: Joe Lagerstrom.

Edit: Chad Mooney

An AlterG suspends the user in a bubble, and allows them to run at a percentage of their body weight, to minimize impact when recovering from a stress fracture or other injury. Basically, I would have only been able to run for 15 minutes at a time, 4 weeks after the bone break, but using this, I was able to run for a full hour, at 80% of my bodyweight. The end result is the same aerobic, fitness boost that I'd get from running normally, but without all the pounding that might risk re-breaking the bone.

An added level of complication that I've been dealing with is the recent test result showing that I actually have a labral tear in my left hip. This has been at the root of all the left leg numbness and tightness that I've had over the past few years. It's pretty frustrating, but I'm working with my physical therapist to try a conservative treatment plan before diving straight into surgery. I've had a a bunch of questions from people struggling from similar things, so I thought this might be helpful to put out there.

This is the first of two videos going into my rehab routine, and the second will show some of my exercises that I've been doing to strengthen my hip, which, in addition to all the nerve pain, played a role in the foot break.

Music: Phantogram "Black Out Days" Remix