About Transition Four

Connection, Passion, Progression.

Transition Four is a media company founded by professional triathlete Eric Lagerstrom. 

Over a few short years, Eric has built a loyal following on social media through his ability to connect the culture of the sport of triathlon to its many fans and participants around the globe. 

Eric is becoming known for his cultural credibility in a sport where authenticity is its most valuable currency. He has achieved this through his unique eye and ability to connect the life of a triathlete outside of the cliche visuals typically associated with the sport. 

Triathlon is a lifestyle that encompasses so much more than racing. Once the sport becomes a part of your life, it develops into many different areas. The gear we choose, the places we travel, the races we pick, the nutritional choices we make and don’t forget the coffee. 


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Transition Four works with athletes, suppliers and manufacturers that are looking to further their 

connection to the triathlon community . As both the sport and consumer behaviour continue to 

evolve, companies will have to rethink their approach to how they make a connection with athletes. 

Eric understands the brands of the future will be driven by credibility in triathlon culture. This is at 

the core of the Transition Four set of values. Eric has earned credibility over his 10 years as 

a professional triathlete and 3 years of honest storytelling on social media. 

Transition Four - building brands for the triathlon (and athletic) community.